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Fashion Column: Formal vs. Casual

October 13, 2016

Fashion is hard. Going to events is hard. That’s why the fashion column exists, to show you how to look like the sexiest person wherever you are. Whether it’s a family gathering, wedding, picnic, or rave, we’ll hope you can shock everyone. “But what should I wear?” Most people ask themselves this question, and it’s pretty easy to answer once you answer a different question: “What’s the dress code?” Unlike our school’s dress code, party dress codes are a guide for both ladies and gentlemen so no one looks too dressy or not dressy enough, but it’s not just useful for parties. Every day is some sort of occasion, and thusly there’s a proper outfit. Truly, the only hard part is deciding which dress code to follow, so here’s a detailed  analysis of each of the core codes.


Street Wear

The “street wear” idea is less of a dress code as much as it is the lack of one. If you were to pick up the first pair of pants, t-shirt, and shoes you could find on your floor, you would have your own street wear. Street wear is what one would wear to go to the store for milk, not for going to any sort of special event. If you dress in a ratty shirt and baseball hat to a family reunion, they’ll probably look at you like you’re a hooligan. So unless you honestly want to look like trash, avoid having a street wear look.



On an average day in our average school in our average town, you’ll find a lot of casual fashion. A nice t shirt, some sweet jeans and your favorite sneakers would make a perfect casual outfit. Casual fashion might not be ideal for a job interview but more fitting for a trip to the movies with your friends. After you graduate from high school, casual fashion becomes less and less acceptable as you get older. Older people are expected to look more professional on a regular basis; it is an easy way to look your age. As teenagers and young adults, we at LOLHS look the best in casual and business casual.


Business Casual

When at a job interview, your employers are looking for some certains things: like knowledge, experience, and style. a day at the office is where business casual was born, but it also works at school, or while on a hot date. It’s pretty obvious that business casual infuses a casual feel while maintaining a feeling of professionalism. Nothing screams business casual like a nice dress shirt, and a simple skirt or chinos. A cotton sweater is a business casual staple as well. Another important part of perfecting your ‘day at the office’ look is keeping it simple and neat. Ironed clothes, minimal jewelry, and simple patterns really help elevate your look to where you want it.



When going to semi-formal events, start thinking about breaking out the sleek ties and sparkling jewelry. In our young adult lives, the first major semi-formal event one would attend would be prom. At prom, you want to look stunning and jaw dropping, but still able to feel sexy and comfortable. For men, a nice suit goes a long way and will impress everyone. When a lady is dressing semi-formal, the best word to keep in mind is ‘fierce’: a sharp, elegant, shimmering dresses and some jewelry is perfect for prom. What makes a dress semi-formal is the length, semi-formal dresses will be shorter, going down to about a knee length. Semi- formal dress are also very colorful, meaning your date will have to match you. Matching your partner will synchronized both of you and make you shine on the floor.


Black Tie/Formal

So if semi-formal is a fancy look with still a hint of fun, then its easy to imagine it is without the semi-. Formal events are often called black tie events because well, the men are wearing black bow ties. Most men at a black tie event will more or less look like James Bond. Dresses worn to black tie events are usually either black, or a simple dark color like red or violet. Dresses should also be longer, going to to the floor, but this doesn’t mean they have to completely cover you. Its still very possible to give an air of sexiness while still maintaining a formal look for the event; it’s all about how you wear the dress.


White Tie

99% of us will never go to a white tie event, and even if you do, it won’t be for many a year. White tie events are the pinnacle of fanciness and are exclusive to events like gala balls. So unless your going to go meet the queen of England, you don’t have to worry about white tie.


While these are the most common and basic dress codes, nothing said here is set in stone. While it’s good to keep these in mind when attending a party, I’m not the boss of you so just wear whatever you want.

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