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What to do about you

December 18, 2016

Don’t lean across the desk to look over the shoulder

of the guy in front of you

because you’re not going to like what you see.

It’ll sate your desire.

It’ll prove you right,

but jealousy grows as hope disappears.

Who are you now?

Are you worse than them?

The number says you are.


Don’t look at their finest lines.

Keep your eyes on your wobblier, uglier strokes

because if you keep going you’ll be fine

and if you keep at it you’ll never finish.

Don’t ignore, per se,

but focus on yourself.

“How can I improve?”

instead of “How deplorable am I?”

You’ll feel better and become better.


Don’t watch them run across the finish

for they are just much faster.

And don’t abhor your toss

when regarding the surest throw.

You’re not as bad as you seem,

and they’re not as good as you perceive them to be.

You inflate them.

How could they do wrong?

Have you done wrong?

You’re decent at catching.


And after all this,

you don’t change.

You’ll lean and peek and glance,

and you’ll deflate.

You still care

because people shun learning from words

when they’d rather suffer their own pain.

But how can I know?

What sort of proof may I offer?

All I can say is that I wish I were better at following my own advice.

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