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A Bit About Feminism

May 4, 2017

Feminism. This is a word that has blown up across the United States as of late, due to the controversial presidential election and the ongoing fight for equal rights in our nation. The traditional definition of feminism is the idea of equal rights and treatment among men and women. Now, intersectional feminism has come to light and has taken the world by storm. Intersectional feminists fight for equality and for the same rights and liberties for all people. Intersectional feminists believe in equality for all genders, races, sexualities, religions—equality of all people.

To clear some common misconceptions about feminism; no, it is not “hating men”or saying that men are below women. It is about raising all people to the same level because of the belief that all people are born equals and deserve to be treated that way. Those who like to use the word “feminazi” or who view feminism as ridiculous and is full of “nasty” or “crazy and angry” people do not realize that this fight that has been going on since before the horse and buggy. Feminists are standing up for the rights of people who are treated unfairly and are denied basic human rights such as equal pay, the ability to gain citizenship, the ability to marry a person they love, and the ability to wear a suit one day and stilettos the next, to name a few. Feminists are not overreacting.

Throughout our nation’s history and still today, women, the LGBT+ community, minority groups, marginalized religions, individuals who break cookie cutter roles, and those who oppose the idea that straight, white males are superior, have been fighting and suffering for the rights and the respect that they deserve but have not yet been granted. There is nothing wrong with being a straight, white, Christian male, nor is there anything wrong with being a gender-fluid, bisexual, atheist African-American. We all must realize that we are all humans and that we are different, which is natural, beautiful, and perfectly fine.

Intersectional feminism also focuses on the issue of racism. #BlackLivesMatter has become an influential group in the news as of late, due to a massive amount of the country feeling that some people are treated improperly in the eyes of the law due to their skin color. Regardless if you believe that certain law-enforcers are in the wrong or that they were acting justly, remember that you interact with others, too, and you make the choice to treat them equally or not.

Another topic intersectional feminism focuses in on religion. Intersectional feminists believe that people of different religions can coexist and happily believe in what they do without having to force their beliefs on others. Religion is a topic that can hit a cord for many at LOLHS, and it is a tricky subject to speak about no matter your location, as there is always the fear of offense. As long as you accept others and are respectful, you can’t go wrong.

Feminism is not just about the empowerment of women, but the empowerment of all people. Love who you wish to love and love who you are, and please don’t let anyone bring you down because the human race should be able to express themselves and be happy. If you ever feel discriminated or feel treated unfairly, take action and remember that you have people who support you, and that LOLHS will accept you for who you are.

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