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Mock Crash Aftermath

May 10, 2017

The mock crash is a tradition at LOLHS; coming every four years, each student sees this realistic depiction only once. While the event, a classmate’s death, is the same for all viewers, one’s reaction can differ depending on a variety of factors. I took a particular interest in the difference between a freshman’s point of view and a senior’s. While they are so close in age, the experiences that divide them, including the rite of passage of obtaining a driver’s license, are not to be ignored.

LOLHS freshman Jacqueline Malizia offered her view on the mock crash:

I had heard quite a bit about the event, so I knew it was going on. That being said, I found the whole event quite realistic, and I thought that it was played out very well. The only part that I think raised some questions for everyone was when a hearse drove up and took dead Graham away on a stretcher. Overall, I think the whole event really sent a good message and there was definitely a lot to learn from it.

I am a senior, and I’ve had my license for about two years now. I viewed the day a bit differently:

I didn’t really know what first responders do after a crash, so that was interesting. I was surprised that even for a planned crash, it takes quite a while for the experts to get on the scene—it was rather startling. For me, the most emotional and personal part was the “phone call” and the funeral. These events humanized car crashes to me. I can imagine what future Graham “lost” because of this hypothetical drunk driving incident. The kids in the crash were my classmates. The situation seemed very plausible, and it was especially hard to watch that white sheet over Graham Aird’s body. Hearing his mother talk about his college plans put the crash into perspective—it made me realize that anyone could die at any time, for no reason.

First responders enter the scene

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