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List of Senior Projects

May 22, 2017

Date Teacher Period Names Topic
19-May Burke 7 Brennan Griffin Writing and Publishing a Novel
22-May Burke 7 Sophie Edson and Callie Kotzan Raising Chickens
22-May Burke 7 Emma Hoyt New York City Exploration
22-May Burke 8 Megan McCarthy and Julia Morrison Handwriting Analysis
23-May Duhamel 6 Joe Lester Criminal Mass Casualties in the Educational Environment
23-May Duhamel 6 Nick Herrerra Another Golden Day – A Story
24-May Burke 7 Natalie Rugg Biking the Backroads of Old Lyme
24-May Burke 7 Caleigh O’Neil Survival Systems Training
24-May Payzant 7 Cody Stalls, John Miller, Anthony Gryk Strength Training and Health
24-May Payzant 7 Sydney Cowell 8th Grade Lacrosse Clinic
24-May Burke 8 Dan Reid Trick Shot Film
24-May Payzant 8 Skyelar Shaw Creating a Program for a Play
25-May Duhamel 5 Pat Ames Baking for Beginners
25-May Duhamel 5 Peyton Ogden Programming in Python
25-May Duhamel 6 Norman Main Swole is Goal: Size is the Prize
25-May Burke 7 Haley Mahon School Day in Haiti
25-May Burke 7 Lauren Quaratella Homemade Pasta / Authentic Italian Sauces
25-May Payzant 7 Fran Melluzzo Raising Rabbits
25-May Payzant 7 Mary Bolles and Abby Berger Building a Bookcase
25-May Burke 8 Corey Knepshield Learning to Play Chess
25-May Burke 8 Lexi Duddy Special Effects Make-Up
25-May Payzant 8 Ava Sullivan Reducing Waste
25-May Payzant 8 Max Conley Learning Photography
30-May Duhamel 2 James Coburn Astronomy Application & Importance
30-May Duhamel 2 Shelby Buscolotti Hiking Old Lyme Trails
30-May Duhamel 5 Noelle Stanland Training for a 5K
30-May Duhamel 5 Everett Steiner Bumper Build
30-May Duhamel 6 Byrnes Berglund Building a Computer
30-May Duhamel 6 Dan Melchreit Rock n’ Roll Rifter
31-May Duhamel 2 John Gibson “Somewhere” Photography & Marketing
31-May Duhamel 2 Hayden Hendrick Photography
31-May Burke 7 Grace Basler and Sara Urbowicz Hiking a Mountain
31-May Burke 7 Rachel Hayward Medical Career Exploration
31-May Burke 7 Adam Czarnecki Video Diary of Mountain Road Trip
31-May Payzant 7 Livy Schumacher Types of Dance
31-May Payzant 7 Danny Marinelli Learning Fishing
31-May Burke 8 Lily Iannitti Video Diary of Italy Trip
31-May Burke 8 Marissa Smith Rock Climbing
31-May Burke 8 Jeff Zhang Creating a Cookbook
31-May Payzant 8 Ben Jackson One-Act Night
31-May Payzant 8 Brianna Knight Experiments in Yoga
1-Jun Duhamel 2 Pat LeRoi Pizza with Pat
1-Jun Duhamel 2 Julian Muller Rebuilding an ’86 Camaro
1-Jun Burke 5 Maria Donato No Cell Phone for a Month
2-Jun Duhamel 5 Tanner Sutton Body Metamorphosis
1-Jun Duhamel 5 Brian Winters Property Renovation
1-Jun Duhamel 6 Ethan Bushy Learning to Play the Guitar
1-Jun Duhamel 6 Garrett Burdick Lil’ Boat
1-Jun Burke 7 Brendan Wright Raising Ducklings
1-Jun Burke 7 Allison Murphy Exploring Art Forms
1-Jun Burke 7 Tessa Kroes Making Tasty Videos
1-Jun Payzant 7 Chris Kirk Welding
1-Jun Payzant 7 Maggie Berger Experiments in Baking
1-Jun Burke 8 Jacob Olson Dream Analysis
1-Jun Burke 8 Dan Cole Learning to Play the Guitar, Recording
1-Jun Burke 8 Graham Aird Climbing the Highest Peaks in New England
1-Jun Payzant 8 DJ Jones and Matty Sapere Cultural Experiences of Mexico
1-Jun Payzant 8 Everett Grethel Electro Swing
2-Jun Duhamel 5 Jacob Stack Jacob’s Ark
2-Jun Payzant 8 Ian Humphreys Football Training
2-Jun Payzant 8 John Miller Strength Training and Health
5-Jun Duhamel 2 Quinn Hallahan Bedroom Renovation
5-Jun Duhamel 2 Matt Kane Learning to Play Guitar
5-Jun Duhamel 5 Krystal Lundberg A Short Film Experience
5-Jun Duhamel 5 Spencer Avery The Wonders of Welding
5-Jun Duhamel 6 Jenn Cameron Favorite Recipes: A  Cookbook
5-Jun Duhamel 6 Brooke Courtney “A Life-Skills Experience”
6-Jun Duhamel 2 Olivia Ellis Raising Chicks
6-Jun Duhamel 2 Ethan Owen Photography
6-Jun Burke 7 Jordan Warecke TBA
6-Jun Burke 7 Kiran Nadkarni Learning to Play the Tabla Drums
6-Jun Burke 7 Avery Bikerman Editing Inauguration Footage
6-Jun Payzant 7 Alex Gourlay Middle School Musical
6-Jun Payzant 7 David Foster Experiments in Photographic Subjects
6-Jun Burke 8 Sophie Warlitz Graphic Design
6-Jun Burke 8 Rose Datum Learning Piccolo and Alto Flute
6-Jun Burke 8 Lauren Boulay Creating a Self-Watering Garden
6-Jun Payzant 8 Jack Machnik Building and Selling Cars
6-Jun Payzant 8 Jenna Peduzzi Soccer Coaching
7-Jun Duhamel 2 Lauren Dolishney History and Culture of Maui and Kawai
7-Jun Duhamel 2 Morgan Constantinou Healty Eating Options
7-Jun Duhamel 5 Julie Golebiewski The Art of Massage Therapy
7-Jun Duhamel 5 Rachel Vandette Learning How to Play the Piano
7-Jun Duhamel 6 Brittany Santiago Juice Cleansing & Healthy Eating
7-Jun Duhamel 6 Cairo Jenkins Underwater Diving
7-Jun Burke 7 Alex Edwards Researching Homelessness in New York City
7-Jun Burke 7 Caeli Rice Designing and Sewing a Prom Dress
7-Jun Burke 7 Cole Dushin Polical Cartooning
7-Jun Payzant 7 Olivia Reneson Scuba Diving
7-Jun Payzant 7 Bailey Nickerson Teaching Ballet Class
7-Jun Burke 8 Hunter Friel Overcoming Procrastination
7-Jun Burke 8 Matt McCarthy Learning to Barbecue with a Smoker
7-Jun Payzant 8 Anna Mesham Finishing a Car Remodel
7-Jun Payzant 8 Mackenzie Swaney
8-Jun Duhamel 2 Lauren Shillawski Dairy Tasty
8-Jun Duhamel 5 Ava Restrepo Gymnastics
8-Jun Duhamel 5 Ion Gordon Ion’s Fine Art Show @ The LYSB
8-Jun Duhamel 6 Rachel Sielbeck Current & Future Interests
8-Jun Duhamel 6 Phil Arruda Origins and Styles of Photography
8-Jun Burke 7 Will and Cam Roberts Backpacking Trip to Lonesome Lake, NH
8-Jun Payzant 7 Hannah Guenther Cultural Experiences of the Keys
8-Jun Payzant 7 Meredith Duxbury Hiking a Mountain
8-Jun Burke 8 Laura Lee Wayland Design and Construct a Wooden Pendulum Clock
8-Jun Payzant 8 Aliza Hackling Interior Design Project/Website
8-Jun Payzant 8 Dean Palenski and Garrett Burdick Building a Raft
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