Plans for 2018 Spain Trip in Place

May 31, 2017

Students and parents recently had the opportunity to attend the first meeting regarding the Spain trip. The trip, initiated by Sr. Vazquez, provides students who will be in ECE and AP Spanish with the chance to study in Salamanca, Spain, while staying with a host family. Students will arrive in Spain on (insert date), and will stay there for two weeks.

So what will students be doing those two weeks they’re there? There are numerous answers to that question. The overall goal of the trip is for students to improve their Spanish skills, while immersing themselves in the language and culture (all while having fun of course). They will attend Colegio Delibes, an international school, with students from all over the world who have come to study Spanish. Students will get to choose one of the numerous Spanish courses to take while they’re there. Some courses focus on language and culture, while others focus on conversation, translation, or literature. For more information on the numerous courses students can take visit:

One of the other enriching aspects of the trip is the cultural exposure students get from staying with a host family. Two students from LOLHS will be with each family, so no student is ever left to communicate on their own. Some families have kids, while others do not, so having a companion will be appreciated. While staying with these families, students can look forward to authentic Spanish conversations and will get to put their Spanish to use out in the real world.

This is the schedule for the trip:



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