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Why You Are Beautiful

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Body Confidence


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To start off this year’s feminism column, (feminism being the belief in equality of all genders, and therefore, all people) I decided to write a bit about a topic that troubles many teenagers throughout their journey in high school. Body confidence and being comfortable in your own skin is a constant struggle for many, and although the world is realizing the beauty of all different body types, races, and expressions, people may still feel the pressure to be thin, white, and “flawless.” Great strides have been made to empower those who don’t fit the classic definition of “beautiful.” However, people are still wishing to look like someone they aren’t.

Something that has manifested from an insecure society is the pressure to be “skinny.” Some body-shamers may say that the reason why they harass people who are overweight is because overweight people are unhealthy. First of all, weight doesn’t determine health; someone who is overweight may be living a healthy lifestyle or starting to live a healthy life, while a thin person could have a terrible diet and not exercise. The false concern for someone’s health needs to stop because it does not make sense and there is no place for someone else to judge a person’s body or lifestyle. It is fine to be lean and muscular, and it is fine to be plus-sized and curvy, too; neither make you a better or worse person. Adele, the world famous singer, is a gorgeous, plus-size woman and is seen as very talented and kind. Somebody’s body type shouldn’t determine how beautiful they are or put them on a level of a “pyramid of beauty.” Just because Adele isn’t lean and muscular, doesn’t mean she is not beautiful and is not a respectable human being! A scale or tape measures cannot measure your beauty with numbers or pounds.

Whitewashing and racism have been a problem for the United States for centuries, and white privilege has caused many people of other races to feel ashamed of the color of their skin, or frustrated that they are not always treated the same way because of their race. It may seem like an odd concept after pondering the obsession with this certain race, and, unfortunately, much of general society’s beauty standards originated from a history of xenophobia and racism. Despite history and the challenges that people of color face, they have been- and always will be- beautiful! Another well known public figure is Beyoncé, the wildly popular musical artist. She is a gorgeous woman and extremely successful–and is not white. It is heart-warming to see more diversity in today’s media, as people are realizing the beauty and importance of all races because racism has no place in this world.

The goal of perfection is something that muddles the minds of students in their academics, athletics, and with themselves. There is no such thing as a perfect person–it isn’t possible and cannot be described or calculated. Stretch marks, acne, cellulite, birthmarks, scars, hair, freckles, and wrinkles are natural and are just another part of your body that make you a unique person. No one should be ashamed of their natural appearance, but many just want to hide their “imperfections”because they think they make them less beautiful. The message of body confidence is likely seen as a redundant subject to by this point in time, to which you have become desensitized; however, dismissing your body and who you are as less will not helping yourself or anyone else. If you feel comfortable without makeup on, wonderful; if you prefer to style your hair and wear mascara, that is great, too! Your body is yours alone, and whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident is right for you, but in any circumstance, you are the same image of beauty you always were.

Every person is different, and with that uniqueness, there is humanity and beauty. You can fully admire someone else’s beauty without that taking away from your own. Humans have varying quirks and qualities that add up to themselves as individuals, and it would be unrealistic to think that, in order to be beautiful and in order to be a valuable person, you must fit certain physical criteria. It may be a long road to being content, or at least happier, with who you are, but LOLHS is an accepting community with people you can turn to for support and to remind you that you are worth more than you think. You are beautiful.










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