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Pep Rally Postponement

December 13, 2017

Everyone looks forward to that Friday afternoon of spirit week, to that one hour of letting loose amid chants of “sit down freshmen.” That’s why many students were disappointed and even confused upon hearing that the fall pep rally would be postponed. It all started the prior Thursday afternoon. I take that back, the problem started months earlier, but it was only first addressed that day when a Red Cross nurse noticed the bees. After that, the pep rally was moved since it was deemed too unsafe to have so many people in the gym with bees flying around, not that that stopped us from having P.E. in the gym of course. Our spirits were lifted when the pep rally was rescheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. However, we were soon disappointed once again when it was canceled.

To get a little more information, I decided to speak with Anna Donato, president of Student Leaders, the group responsible for planning and pulling off the pep rally.

Me: Why was the rescheduled pep rally canceled?

Anna: The rescheduled pep rally was canceled because the faculty did not hear about the plans for rescheduling it until too late. Normally they need about two to three weeks notice and they were only given one. The Student Leaders officers told the administration almost four weeks before the rescheduled date of our plans but the message was not passed along to the teachers until it was too late. They had already planned lessons or tests and since it was right before a break, they could not move things around too much to accommodate with this.

Me: Do you know of any updates on the bee situation?
A: I know that there is a school and state wide policy that prohibits the use of chemical insect products on school grounds, meaning that the school could not have used any of these to help with the problem. I do not know if anything else was done about the problem though. I do not think that the problem is solved completely since I still see bees flying around occasionally during PE class, however they are not nearly as bad as they were a few weeks ago. 
Me: What can students expect at the holiday assembly?
A: I am very excited for this holiday assembly. Normally it is only about 30 minutes and we listen to the band and chorus and then play a quick game of Family Feud. This year, we will still have that, however we are adding almost an hour to the assembly which will be filled with fun holiday themed minute-to-win-it type challenges and  a lip sync battle of holiday songs. Student Leaders is still trying to figure out the final details but it will be lots of fun!
So there you have it. The pep rally may have been canceled, but students can expect a more exciting holiday assembly. And there’s still the spring pep rally… for now at least.
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