The Vaping Crisis

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The Vaping Crisis


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As you may well know, vaping has become a widespread problem in LOLHS. Students from all grades have been vaping during school hours on school grounds. Students have been JUULing in the bathrooms, locker rooms, and pretty much anywhere else they can without being caught. However, even with the numerous students who have been caught and punished, most students could easily name five friends who still JUUL in school.

Especially a crisis with Sophomores, groups of friends go on bathroom trips where they JUUL together in the handicap stall, or they slip each other their vape pen to take to the locker room when no one else is in there. I cannot say the exact number of how many people in this school JUUL/vape, but I do know that there are a substantial amount of people and it is no wonder that the school has taken action.

Classes have had talks about vaping, and the staff has had informational meetings regarding the crisis. Some aspects of life have also changed for LOLHS students, and not without backlash. Teachers have been more vigilant in keeping their eye out for JUULs and vape pens and some stand outside the bathrooms, and sometimes go in them to check and see if any non-bathroom related things are going on. The “1 person per stall” sign posted in the bathrooms has certainly caused an chatter as well. But the most recent change of locking the locker rooms and with the students having to get permission and admittance from teachers and coaches has caused the most uproar. This decision was made partially because of the JUULing problem and due to other factors as well, but, nevertheless, JUULers and vapers are on edge.

One Sophomore said: “I think that the students that don’t JUUL should not have to suffer the consequences from the students who do JUUL such as having the locker rooms locked which is really annoying.”

Two other students: a junior and senior, both agreed that if people are going to vape then “Do it at home!” as it was “pretty ridiculous” that it was such a problem at school.

The hallways are filled with nervous talk of how “I think I’m next.” and “So and so just got searched!”. Students have been anonymously reported and have had evidence handed in by other students to the school to prove that they had been vaping or JUULing on the premises. Punishments have included in-school suspensions for many people. Of course, students wouldn’t have to worry about that at all if they just didn’t JUUL or vape in the first place. For whoever has an interest in the topic, or are unsure of the health effects of JUULing: feel free to do what you will with the following information.

Vaping is certainly healthier than smoking cigarettes, and JUULs have been regarded as healthier than most other e-cigarettes, however, that does not mean that it is good for you.  While e-cigarettes are smoke free and tobacco free, they are not nicotine free, and they are not without their detrimental effects. “Along with the highly addictive potential of the JUUL’s nicotine, there is extensive evidence that long-term nicotine exposure starting in one’s young adult years leads to psychiatric mood disorders as well as attention and memory deficits later in life.” ( also agrees that “most e-cigs contain addictive nicotine, and carcinogens have been found in some e-cig vapor” (

E-cigarette companies are newer, and therefore, not all of the data has been found out or analyzed for their products yet, and “the e-cigarette industry is not yet regulated at all by the FDA, meaning no government health agency is holding these companies accountable for their health claims as of now.” (, so you cannot trust the companies selling these e-cigarettes, like JUULs to tell you the truth. In fact, it was exposed that a CEO of one such e-cigarette companies  said “other e-cig manufacturers used flavorings ‘to attract children.'” ( and then only a few months later he had introduced: “‘Butter Crumble’ and berry flavors, saying ‘Flavor is essential to vapors’satisfaction'”. ( These companies do not care for you: they are exploiting your addiction to make profits.







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