Why You Shouldn’t Feel Pressured to Go to School Dances

Why You Shouldn't Feel Pressured to Go to School Dances

We’ve all seen dances in the media. Shows like The CW’s Riverdale that display (an inaccurate version of) teen life always have one episode about Prom. There’s a certain stigma that students have to go to school dances and have to ask someone to be their date. But that’s not true. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go to school dances just because everyone else is going.

Without anyone to go with, whether it be a date or a group of friends, dances can get boring. It’s all jumping and dancing and losing your voice. When you aren’t with anyone, the jumping, dancing, and shouting seems kind of foolish. If none of your friends are going, you have two choices: you can convince them all to pay and go with you or you can stay home, too. You can stay home with friends instead of going to a dance, too.

School dances can get expensive, too. All I heard around Homecoming was “Did you order your dress?”, and “You should see the dress I bought it’s so pretty!” Buying a dress specifically for one event (especially if you don’t think you’ll wear it again) is irrational and irresponsible. Some people rent limousines for Prom, too. If you don’t car-pool (or limo-pool, rather), it can cost you upward of $200. Even when you do share a ride with other people, it isn’t very cheap. Money isn’t just an object, and if you aren’t super excited to go to a dance, it’s not a good decision to spend it for one purpose. 

All this being said, I urge you to go to school dances. They are super fun if you have people to go with, and they help the school raise money. But if you’re just going because you think you’ll regret it if you don’t go, you shouldn’t go. It would just be a waste of time, energy, and money.