Surf Trap: A Review


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Felly, 23-year-old Connecticut-born rapper, released his 6th project titled “Surf Trap” Friday night. The project goes back to Felly’s roots as he wrote most of the album once he moved back to Los Angeles this past summer, and features many of the same tones heard on his Young Fel EP. The 10-track album features reggae inspired tunes such as the 7th song “Murda.” The album also relies heavily on melodic chord sequences played on guitar giving the music a very tropical feel. This guitar playing can be heard on “Dying To Tell You”, “Pretty Girl”, and “Reinvention.” Felly also utilizes his Rhodes piano to add a distinct sound to many of the tracks. As the title of the album infers the music is a mix of surf and trap. The trap elements such as booming 808’s and electric drum kits shine through on tracks such as “Circus.” The album was recorded at The Brewery Recording Studio located in Brooklyn, New York, and seems to be catching on well. Felly, throughout the album seems to be rapping about his life over the past year, and this makes for some great music. At the end of October, Felly and his crew are touring the country playing the new album. All in all Felly’s new project, “Surf Trap” mixes the peaceful elements of surf music with the high energy of trap. Therefore, allowing for an album that is both exciting enough to listen to before a game, but also calm enough to chill out to. Even though the album is quite short, coming in at only 26 minutes, it is definitely not one to pass up.

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