Kanye West: Where is Yhandi?


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Kanye West disappointed many last week by not releasing his new album titled “Yhandi” after his performance on SNL. Kanye performed his new song “I Love It” alongside Lil Pump. The stage performance was seen as a joke as West and Pump performed wearing beverage bottle costumes. Kanye and Pump also sported some interesting dance moves during their performance, which many made fun of after on social media platforms such as Twitter. After his performance, Kanye did not help his situation by going on another pro-Trump rant that did not sit well with those in the crowd and online. Fans were expecting the album to drop that night, September 29th, but now will have to wait until Black Friday to hear Ye’s ninth studio album. On October 1st after many people tweeted angrily at Kanye, Kim answered stating that “it is worth the wait” for the album. Yhandi is shaping up to be a sequel to Kanye’s previous studio album titled Yeezus, as the album cover has the same CD case design but with a different color scheme. There has been many track lists released for the album, but I personally do not believe any of them are real. In my opinion even though Kanye does many things to create controversy, he is still one of the best musical artists of his time. At this point, fans are hoping that Kanye will keep his word and release the album on time on Black Friday. On a better note Kanye has confirmed that he and Chance the Rapper will be releasing an album titled “Good Ass Job.” There has been no word when the album will be released, but I can speak for all Kanye and Chance fans that we are very excited. In my opinion, some of Kanye’s best work has been with Chance on songs such as “Ultralight Beam” off of “The Life Of Pablo.” Hopefully between now and the release of Yhandi Kanye can stay out of trouble so that we can get this project on time.

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