October 15, 2016

Do you ever feel that feeling?

Like bare feet

on wet pavement that

steams with hot summer rain?

It is welcoming and enlivening-

beguiling our hearts and souls

into blitheness.

It is like stepping in freshly cut grass

as the blades stick to your soles,

invading between your toes.

And continuing with washing

the viridescent plants away

with the invigorating and brisk water from a garden hose-

One that had given life to

roses, bromeliads, and orchids

time and time again.

The feeling is like someone describing

how beautiful and mesmerizing

your once-thought-monotonous brown eyes are,

or finally realizing that

the stretch marks that lace your thighs,

are simply lightening bolts

that nature had tattooed upon your skin,

so that you may always know how striking you are.

When you sit at the most bottom point

of a public swimming pool,

and your hair moves

in an upward, eager stretch

towards the white-spotted sky,

yet your hair still flows with the water,

like seaweed under ocean waves-

careless and unrestrained.

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