The Universal Peace

October 24, 2016

The autumn rain fell into the trees

as though the clouds had released

the tensions in their spines

and distress in their minds.


It fell in urgency to put out

the flames that were ever growing

in the trees

as the autumnal energy grew.


God in all his glory had been nervous—

I could hear his heartbeat in the fading light.

And in turn,

I felt the cannon thuds

inside my own ribs.


The gray illumination

put the usually excited colors

into the doldrums.

The swells and lulls of rain

serenaded the evergreens and oaks,

while putting to silence

all other noise.


The night was beautiful.

I had never known what made

nights to be lovely;

all I knew was that it happened.


Now I realize that nights are beautiful

because despite

all the hate, war, and despair,

the universe was at peace with itself.


This one particular night

felt familiar and well known,

but not so much that it

caused melancholy

from lack of life.


No tyranny of trepidation

owns me on this night.

And thus, it is beautiful.

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