Why it’s Literally Fine to be Basic

January 31, 2017

If you were to stand on the catwalk and look down at the commons during lunch, before school, or really any time, you’re likely to see a lot of the same things. Khakis, for one, accompanied by basketball sneakers that probably cost way too much, and topped with earbuds that, rather than actually being worn inside ears, are dangling freely at either side of the face. You’re also likely to see Adidas- a lot of Adidas (or, similarly, perhaps some white converse). With these fashionable sneakers are likely paired leggings, or maybe some rather tight skinny jeans, and probably an American Eagle top with some sort of Vera Bradley lunch box in hand.  Now, all of this taken into account, I’m not here to throw shade or tell anyone to change how they dress or what they buy- in fact, I’m here to tell you that it’s literally fine to be basic.

My reasoning is as follows: If it makes you happy, do it. Now I’m not advocating that if you’re a sadist you go off on some sort of crime spree likely to end up on Forensic Files, but I am saying that if being “basic”, or wearing a Northface or drinking Starbucks makes you happy, do it. The same goes for doing things outside of the norm- if you truly find joy in listening to Viking Metal or practicing the ancient art of- well, anything, then do it. If you enjoy doing something you should continue doing it regardless of whether someone labels it as “basic” or, in the alternate scenario, as “weird” or “unusual”. Yes, many are influenced by their friends or magazines or media in general to wear LL Bean Boots or to wear boat shoes even when it’s 23 degrees out and you’re in school, but regardless of how they came to wear or buy whatever the item is, the bottom line is that if they truly enjoy wearing what it is they’re wearing, or using whatever it is they’re using, let them continue. Don’t tell people they’re basic or that they should be “more unique”; everyone is born unique regardless of whether or not they use a designer tote bag to hold their notebooks, or marathon all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars at once. Unless you truly enjoy it, don’t feel the need to shop at Urban Outfitters or some other indie thrift store just because you’re trying desperately to convince yourself and others that you’re not basic- embrace it! Because it’s literally fine to be basic.

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