Why Wonder Woman?

October 11, 2017

Between 2000, when XMen released and started the modern superhero film craze, and 2017, nearly seventy superhero films have been released by major studios. Of those seventy, only three featured females as the lead roles. These films were the universally panned Catwoman, Sucker Punch, and Electra. Major studios have been shy to try again with females in the lead due to the financial failings of these films. However, Wonder Woman just might be the film to change this trend.

This isn’t a traditional review of the movie. In short, the movie is incredible and I highly recommend you go see it. However, now that my opinion on the film is out, here’s why this film is so important: It’s making money. Critical praise aside, what really matters for the future of movies is their box office haul. Wonder Woman was able to pull in an astounding $100 million in the opening weekend, far exceeding the expectations. Studios can’t ignore this type of success. Wonder Woman’s major impact can change how studios view female driven films. They’ll see that if the film is made with care, it can be a success regardless of the lead’s gender.

I’m hoping that this will be the turning point for the superhero movie genre. One major criticisms people have of these films is how they are dominated by men. More female characters being brought to the silver screen has an astounding effect on the self esteem of younger children, especially girls. They will now be able to grow up with characters such as Rey, Wonder Woman, or Captain Marvel alongside the traditional Batman, Superman, and Captain America.


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