Eastern Region Auditions: A Stream of Consciousness



5 days before the audition…

Oh dang, that audition is this week.

What scales do I have to know?

Where’s the sheet music for the song?

I should probably sing the song a couple of times…

I need to practice sight-reading.


Why did I agree to do this?

I need to practice but I don’t have time and I also don’t want to.



Right before the audition…

I feel like I should be more nervous.

Oh, just kidding. There it is.

I hope I don’t mess up.

Wow, the other people are so much better than me.

What room am I auditioning in?

I have no idea where my audition room is.

What if they’re running early and I missed my audition??

How many more people until it’s my turn?

I hope the judge is nice.

I hope I don’t forget the words to the song.

I’m definitely gonna mess up sight-reading.

Maybe I should just leave and not audition.

Oh man, it’s my turn.


In the audition…

Ok, I can do this!

Oh, that was bad.

That was not the right note.

Well, I messed that up.


She probably just gave me a terrible score on that.

What’s she writing?

Where am I supposed to look?

Do I look at her? No, that’s really weird.

I’ll just stare at the wall I guess.

Is this a math classroom?

Oh, that definitely was wrong.

Oh man, here comes the sight-reading.

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

I tried.


After the audition…

Ok, that was extremely awful.

You know what, I think it did alright on the song.

Those scales were really rough.

I don’t think I sang actual notes during the sight-reading…

You know what? That wasn’t even that bad.

Where can I get food?