Midsummer Night’s Jersey: Part 1


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You’ve all heard of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, the famous comedy about faeries and lovers, but what about A Midsummer Night’s Jersey by Ken Ludwig? The retelling of Shakespeare’s play set in modern-day Jersey, featuring FaceTime, love, faeries, and confused hairdressers will be performed at LOLHS for the fall play. The show is directed by Mr. Brett Eckhart, beloved history teacher, who has been directing plays for an upwards of 13 years. When asked why he chose this specific play to take on, he responded simply with “Ed.” When I further inquired what his response meant, he told me that Mr. Ed Jamison told him about it and he felt that it would be a good play for our school. It is very different from the performances of the past several years, which have had very dark tones. This one is lighter and a comedy.

The cast of A Midsummer Night’s Jersey is thrilled to be putting on this show. 4 weeks into rehearsal, things are looking good. Lines are being memorized, characters being developed, and jokes being made. You can expect a funny, upbeat show out of this year.

A Midsummer Night’s Jersey has performances November 9th and 10th at 7. Tickets will be on sale closer to the performance. Stay tuned for more information on the Osprey Online