A List of 17 Lovely, Under Appreciated Things


A List of 17 Lovely, Under-Appreciated Things

  • Writing/receiving a handwritten letter in the mail
  • The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot
  • Being greeted with a genuine smile
  • The smell of someone burning wood on a chilly evening
  • The soothing noises that mourning doves make
  • The person behind you on the road patiently waiting rather than beeping at you
  • The way everything outside looks clearer and more saturated after a long period of rain
  • Being hugged unexpectedly when you really need it
  • Someone asking how they can help and truly wanting to know
  • Someone remembering something you told them a long time ago
  • When the weather is stormy and sunny all at the same time
  • Having a ladybug land on you
  • Platonically (or romantically) holding hands
  • Being told/saying “I love you” by/to a friend
  • Getting so excited about something it makes you giddy
  • Crying because you’re happy
  • Seeing that, despite there being so much ugliness in our world, there is still so much beauty