Movie Review: Insurgent

Brennan Griffin

Insurgent, the newest installment in the Divergent series, has arrived. The story takes place days after the events of Divergent.  Kate Winslet’s Jeanine Matthews is in possession of a box that can only be opened by a Divergent. However, the film fails to exceed or meet the standards of the first film. The cast is the same as the first film except for newcomers Octavia Spencer (The Help, Get On Up), Emjay Anthony(Chef), Daniel Dae Kim(Hawaii Five-0) and Naomi Watts(The Ring). Much of the films cast have given amazing performances in highly loved and regarded films. Miles Teller starred in Whiplash(2014) and Ansel Elgort had a leading role in The Fault in Our Stars (2014). However, the majority of the cast seems to be phoning in their performances, with the exception of Shailene Woodley who gives it her all. The film has some well-done fight scenes but doesn’t make up for the messy plot. There is no real sense of direction until the second half of the film, and there is nothing interesting pulling you into the world of Insurgent like Divergent had. The film is crowded with many plot points in an attempt to be clever but ends up being convoluted and lackluster. Once the film does focus more in the second half the story, it is easier to follow but is still forgettable. The director, Robert Schwentke, will return for Allegiant: Part 1 and hopefully will learn from the mistakes made in Insurgent. In the end, Insurgent fails to live up to the standards of Divergent with a less interesting and messy plot. The film brings you into a bigger world but not a better one. Certain action sequences do stand out but are not anything special. Shailene Woodley gives another great performance but is not able to carry the film by herself. If you enjoyed Divergent, this film will likely be a disappointment for you. If you did not enjoy the first film, there is nothing in Insurgent that can draw you into this world. Insurgent is a forgettable film that lacks most of the redeeming qualities of its predecessor.

Rating: Avoidable