Lunch at LOLHS

As a student at Lyme-Old Lyme High School, one of the greatest pleasures of the day is strolling into the commons to see what food the cafeteria has to offer. Every day, the lunch staff follows a versatile menu ranging from stir-fry chicken to Taco Tuesday. Even with these countless, tempting options to choose from, I constantly find myself coming back to the sandwich bar. The sandwich bar, debatably the most customizable option, offers five different types of bread, six different types of meat, three different kinds of cheese, seven different condiments, and a multiplicity of toppings. The most fascinating part of this domain lies within the boundaries of the panini press. When interviewing fellow classmate, friend, and teammate, Frank Sablone says “One of the many joys of my mornings is deciding whether or not the sandwich I order for lunch will be grilled in the press.” I, however, never think twice about throwing mine on the grill. Nothing will ever beat a freshly grilled Italian sandwich crafted with precision by our school’s outstanding lunch staff. Apart from all of the delicious lunch food here, many students are sure to save room for dessert, so as to satisfy the sweet tooth that lies within all of us. Fellow friend, Maverick Swaney, describes his outlook on this feature. “Every day I find myself feeling the need to splurge on yet another chocolate and vanilla twist in a cone with chocolate sprinkles. Nothing giddies me up more than the stroll to the vacated frozen yogurt line. When I get to the front, I feel as if I’m taking my final steps into Disney World right before it opens.” Frozen yogurt never fails to satisfy the majority of the Lyme-Old Lyme student body. When the jollification of lunchtime ceases to occur, I can’t help but be grateful for the wide variety of options we have in our cafeteria. I’ll forever be thankful for our diligent staff that ensures we eat well and repeatedly makes us feel at home every time we arrive at the register.