Watching television

and passively feeling light


             and glow 

              across my face

I resolve that

The reason for tomorrow

is beauty


Beauty in this boredom

Beauty in poetry

Beauty in the lost look of my reflection

watching someone who isn’t quite looking back;

My mirror sees me

I don’t not see her


I present my life to the mirror

And she gazes fondly at my crow-like collection


The lucky find of

The rings we find incredibly fitted for us

Perfect cloth stitches syncing to our jewelry

The even, symmetrical peel of a citrus



There is a resounding


 When I leave the world


It is all of these things:

Soft manicured nails and laughs sounding heartily from my chest

And the redness of rubbed skin

Along my lashes


My heart is sore from this


Like a memory, far away

In a flimsy portrait frame of fog

It reminds me

When my childhood friend and I

Would explore into her woods

My mind whirring, crying

“Mom will know!”

“Mom won’t like this!”

“Mom, mom, mom!”


“Mom,” I begged.

“Let me be forgotten for one minute

While I explore the soil.”


And the canopy thickens

And we find rivets in the hillsides

Bridges from travelers lost in the same ancient exodus

we follow now


We are brides to childhood

To freedom

To beauty

To the best friends we’ve ever had


Soaring through the air

In your childhood sneakers

(Mom will surely see they’re soiled

Mom will watch my dirt trail after my socks

And I, too, will dirty this memory as I follow it)

Kicking off from the moss

Finding the distance too far from 

                                            The other side of the stream


                                                       And beginning to fall


Cracked sticks

And hushed cries

     We make bandaids out of our fingers

      And hug in our innocence


In many of my memories

I exist in a moment that I cannot remember how I left

I wish to do this 

With the way I live now

Feel its glory

Without remembering what I felt like 

To stand

And walk out the door