Bird For a Day

Bird For a Day

Oh, If I could be a little bird 

for only just a day,

I’d wait for wrens, and Chickadees

to come with me and play


They’d come out of their little nests 

And fly to me with glee

We’d play all day in the sun

And sing a melody 


We’d often try to catch some bugs

to quench our appetite;

the finder of a nut’s a lucky one,

even if it starts a fight


after collecting our meal of the day

we searched for a comfortable bough,

often a quiet and shady spot;

it’s our resting place for now


even though I miss my family so

I enjoyed my eventful day 

I look around my place of rest,

As it’s the only time I’ll stay


the summer sun is setting now

lighting up the empty sky,

making the leaves turn to gold

as the trees above us sigh


we now begin to settle down

and the day comes to an end,

I think how grateful I am to be

my mother’s little wren.