Autumn’s Spell


We spent our days in the summer sun 

and fields of gold where we’d run


frolicking by the ocean side,

we stumbled upon a place we could reside 


we’d bring our tunes to the sea

and together we’d sing a playful melody.


However, one chilly day

the summer winds had crept away,


the birds had noticed this changing sight

and at once picked up and all took flight,


as ole Jack Frost creeps ‘round the corner 

we notice the weather isn’t getting warmer.


Let’s light the taper with a match

grab our books, and the lift latch


of our cozy room to hide away

where we’d drink our tea during an endless stay,


as dusk approaches the world settles down

the lights are dimming throughout the town 


the crackling flame begins to die –

while we rest our heads, the oak trees sigh


my vision blurs and I begin to dream 

of hayrides and pumpkins in a pleasant scene:


suddenly one leaf fell,

and now we’re all under the spell 

of autumn.