excerpt from: the chestnut tree

excerpt from: the chestnut tree

As I make my way across the square

I feel a breeze float through the air

It wraps around and draws me away

Floating me to where fragrant flowers stay


Beyond the buildings and through the gate

Resides a place of an eternal state:

A mirrored pond sits atop the clay

Lined with greenery where cattails sway


Beside the oasis a small garden stands,

flowers growing across the endless lands

Rumored to be visited by Monet

a lovely subject, even though it’s cliche 


I stare in awe at the painted rows

a palette of smells dances beneath my nose.

I pick a bloom and pin it onto me,

And then skip away with a new-found glee


During my stroll, I came upon a place

Where a giant stood, weeds grew about its base:

Now walk past the garden and you will see

A sturdy yet elegant chestnut tree.