Trailer Review/Breakdown: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Brennan Griffin

We received the first teaser trailer for Star Wars VII and the combination of practical effects with special effects gave many people faith in director JJ Abrams ability to produce a Star Wars on the same level as the original trilogy. With the new trailer we got to see more of what was only quickly shown before. The trailer begins with a shot of a crashed imperial starship and then shows the destroyed Darth Vader helmet in a bit of fan-service. The trailer does not give away much of the film’s plot but does feature a monologue from Luke Skywalker speaking to an unknown person about the force. Both Luke and R2D2 make a small appearance. The mysterious hilted lightsaber wielding character is featured again with this trailer showing their mask and their lightsaber in action. More shots of X-Wings and TIE-fighters are included along with more of the upgraded storm trooper army. We get to see Chadwick Boseman’s and Daisy Ridley’s characters meet on Tatooine in a large amount of wreckage. The trailer ends with Han Solo and Chewbaca in the entrance of the Millennium Falcon filling everybody with nostalgia saying, “We’re home”. This trailer features more of what was teased in the first and only furthers the amount of hype for the film. The amount of fan service and use of practical over computer effects will assure many that this film will be very unlike the prequel trilogy. This trailer is a teaser trailer so the lack of plot details is acceptable. With more trailers to come and the combination of fans old and new, it will be very difficult to find an open seat when this film comes out. If the movie is anything like the trailers, it will be a more than worthy entrance to the Star Wars series.