Losing Light

Brennan Griffin, Regular Contributor

I can never look in their eyes.

I can never take a contract that involves me getting close to the target.

I can never be close enough to see, not their eyes, the light behind them.

I can never see the light behind their eyes that tells a story.

I can never see the light that makes them human.

I can only do my work from a distance.

I have to create their story.

I have to create the reason someone wants them dead so I can sleep at night.

I can never see the light behind their eyes.

I can never believe that this person may not deserve to die.

I have become used to not seeing the light in others.

I have lost the ability to see the light in myself.

I need to dig deep inside myself.

I need to find in myself what I avoid in the people I am tasked to kill.

I cannot see a human inside of me.

I cannot let this monster live.