Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Brennan Griffin

Mad Max Fury Road is the first installment in the Mad Max series in thirty years. It is also the first not to feature Mel Gibson as the titular character. What does not change, however, is the director, as George Miller brings us the newest installment in the series he created. The second film in the series, Road Warrior, is widely considered the best in the series and Fury Road might be just as good. Tom Hardy’s Max is captured by the wasteland clan leader “Immortan Joe.” The films plot revolves around Max helping Furiosa, a driver for Joe’s “War Boys” played by Charlize Theron, escape Joe during a routine gas run. The film begins with intense action and the action sequences only get bigger and better as the film progresses. The most notable aspect of the films is the amount of practical effects that were used. The cars crashing and War Boys flying around are even better when paired with the fact that they were not digitally generated. The action sequences themselves are impressive. They will have you cheering and excited all throughout the film. That is not to say the film has no character development. While there is not much character development, the characters are all interesting. Furiosa steals the show, often showing up Max in the action sequences, and with more Mad Max movies planned one with her as the lead would be within reason. The cinematography for this film is fantastic. Clearly done to replicate the feeling of Road Warrior, Fury Road features very little shaky-camera footage. All of the action sequences are clear and all the chaos can be seen. The cars of this film are possibly the best put to screen. No two cars are the same with spikes, people, and even large guitar amps attached. As the title suggests, there is no shortage of crazy in this movie. Nicholas Hoult plays one of the war boys, humanizing the otherwise simple yet amazing cast of characters, and even Max is not in an entirely sane state of mind. There is a large amount of lore put into this film with Immortan Joe creating a skewed viking religion to control his people. This movie is not for someone who wishes to see a carefully-crafted, slow-paced and thoughtful movie. This film is for someone who wishes to see complete chaos beautifully presented with interesting characters. Mad Max Fury Road is an amazing start to the summer and a fine addition to the Mad Max series.

Rating: What a film! WHAT A LOVELY FILM!