An Unfortunate End

Brennan Griffin, Assistant Features Editor / Reviews

My dear friend, I must say that I am very much saddened by your demise. Although you spent a very large amount of time pushing for the destruction of myself and all that I have created, I still feel as though I have lost a part of myself, as cliché as that sounds. You did, however, bring this upon yourself. I cannot fully explain to you why it was imperative that one keeps their team whole. You had such powerful tunnel vision that you used your assets when you had them, not when they were to be used. Your acquaintance with the pressure-activated firearms mounted on his fists, Knockout I believe, was clearly best in close quarters combat. Why you would send him into a large open space where he would be easily killed by snipers remains a mystery to me. There was another, a girl with short red hair, who was more skilled as a pilot than any soldier under my command. You let her go on a ground team rather than be the pilot for a routine assault on one of my bases. Not only did the pilot fail to arrive at the set destination properly, her inadequacy with weapons directly caused the deaths of two important prisoners. I’m not going to lie, you should have won. You had it all going for you when after the death of a girl, one girl, you lost sight of winning and focused instead on killing me. I hope that this can be a learning experience for you. If you take anything from what I have said to you I hope it is this: When you want to go and give a great monologue to your opponent, make sure they are dead first. They can’t interrupt you when they are dead.