The Osprey



December 1, 2016

Hi I’m just a girl In a Technicolor world. What a difference Just a bit of color makes.   It used to be ...

In Memoriam

Jane Scheiber, Contributor

November 15, 2016

My back feels as sore As the exhausted chair I try to rest in.   Even when I am in This simple moment I still wonder:   Who are you now? It has been long enough for you To be someone new. Or do you fester in Anger and a false ego, So that you are now Absolutely horrid.   Do you think of...

The Universal Peace

Jane Scheiber, Contributor

October 24, 2016

The autumn rain fell into the trees as though the clouds had released the tensions in their spines and distress in their minds.   It fell in urgency to put out the flames that were ever growing in the trees as the autumnal energy grew.   God in all his glory had been nervous— I could hear his heartbeat in...

Crumpled writing in the trash can

Lyrics of the Lonely Seventeen-Year-Old

October 18, 2016

I sit here for hours Conjuring up words that I can write And I can only hope that these Mental monsters might put up...


Jane Scheiber, Contributor

October 15, 2016

Do you ever feel that feeling? Like bare feet on wet pavement that steams with hot summer rain? It is welcoming and enlivening- beguiling our hearts and souls into blitheness. It is like stepping in freshly cut grass as the blades stick to your soles, invading between your toes. And continuing with washing the viridescent...

How to Succeed in Gym Class (Without Really Trying)

How to Succeed in Gym Class (Without Really Trying)

May 31, 2016

Ah, gym class. An ancient relic of a simpler time when girls went to college to find husbands, people actually said “going steady”,...

An Open Letter to my Hometown

An Open Letter to my Hometown

May 31, 2016

I cannot bring myself to understand them; their words are a foreign language. “I can’t wait to leave.” “Nothing EVER happens ...

An Unfortunate End

Brennan Griffin, Assistant Features Editor / Reviews

June 11, 2015

My dear friend, I must say that I am very much saddened by your demise. Although you spent a very large amount of time pushing for the destruction of myself and all that I have created, I still feel as though I have lost a part of myself, as cliché as that sounds. You did, however, bring this upon yourself. I cannot fully explain to you why it was...

Losing Light

Brennan Griffin, Regular Contributor

May 28, 2015

I can never look in their eyes. I can never take a contract that involves me getting close to the target. I can never be close enough to see, not their eyes, the light behind them. I can never see the light behind their eyes that tells a story. I can never see the light that makes them human. I can only do my work from a distance. I...

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