Pep Rally 2018: A Review


Nobody gets hyped up for pep rallies quite like LOLHS students. Despite the fact that we didn’t have a homecoming football game, the students will never miss an opportunity to stomp all over the freshmen. I mean, participate in fun activities and get excited.

Following a successful spirit week consisting of Jersey Day, Tacky Tourist Day, Decades Day, Dynamic Duo Day, and Class Colors Day, the pep rally began with a bang as the seniors flooded into the gym to the Harry Potter theme song. Nancy Firgelewski, representing the seniors, successfully defeated Dani McCarthy, Caroline Wallace, and James Rollins, who represented the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, respectively, in a duel, complete with black robes, magic wands, and broomsticks. As always, the traditional “sit down, freshmen!” chant began as the pep rally got into full swing.

The addition of the “Spirit Court” gave kids the opportunity to truly show their school spirit and get their grade pumped up. Amongst the cheering and yelling, the seniors won floor hockey, then musical chairs, then tug-of-war, then the relay race…did we cheat? Who cares, we’re seniors! Although I must say, Dani McCarthy and Peter Sherman definitely deserved to win the relay race; no wonder they went as an Old Person and Life Alert for Dynamic Duo Day…they are the ultimate pair! Yet despite the valiant efforts by Quinn Romeo and Britney DeRoehn, Sam Gray took the win for the sophomores in the game of knockout (even though the juniors still had two players left…)

In the end, the seniors won the pep really. It’s shocking, I know. But hey, at least we didn’t see any bees!