Spanish National Honors Society 2018 Film Festival


At the end of the month, on October 30th and 31st, the Spanish Honors Society will be holding its second Latin Film Festival to raise money for hurricane relief in Latin countries. The “cortos” (Spanish for “short films”) will each be around three minutes and will run in a series during first and second lunch in the auditorium on both days. Also, the auditorium will be decorated and themed around Day of the Dead, and will make for an enjoyable autumn experience. Although admission is only one dollar per person, each dollar donated will make a difference in helping the Caribbean and Central American countries affected by hurricanes this past year.

Hurricane Michael has recently barrelled through the Caribbean, bringing destruction mostly in Cuba. Additionally, many countries in the Caribbean are still suffering from the devastation brought by Hurricane Irma and Maria. With the money earned through the film festival, we will all be able to participate in the rebuilding of schools, electrical systems, roads, and other damaged infrastructure in these countries.

Come with nothing but a single dollar to relax with Latin films and support hurricane relief!