What Do You Stand For?


What do you stand for is a super-special event being put on by Spectrum, our school’s equality group! In this event, Spectrum will be giving out buttons that bring to light certain values. Spectrum is putting on this event in an effort to help students express these values as individuals by wearing these buttons, which illustrate what each person stands for. Although each student will be repping their own personal beliefs and values, Spectrum as a group is hoping that participating collectively in this effort will help join people together and create a sense of community, unity, and acceptance within our school.

Spectrum has worked long and hard getting everything ready for this event, including advertisement and working as a team, but especially with our new button machine! “Spectrum is made up of such wonderful people,” Arianna DelMastro, Spectrum’s co-president, stated. “I’m so happy we were all able to pull this project together.”

Stop by our table in the Commons tomorrow, October 19th, before school or at lunch to pick up a pin (or two!) that shows us what you stand for!! Also, keep an eye out for other events being put on by Spectrum!