Art Club Mural Plans Underway


Last year, with the help of Mr. Allik, and Mrs. T, the two advisors to the art club, the long-forgotten art club was revived from the dead. It is not much, but for a dozen kids who do not participate in typical afterschool sports, it is a relaxing space to focus on creating artwork. Art club offers a more focused and calm environment to work on art, without the typical stressful time constraints of a normal class period. It gives students the opportunity to begin a painting, or begin large transfers. The tiny community forged within art club is highly valued and this year, we plan to leave our mark on the school.

The most exciting and rewarding part of creating artwork is having it displayed for the enjoyment of others. This year, art club will participate in the collective process of creating a work of art for Lyme Old Lyme High School to keep, long after the seniors leave. Last year Mr. Wygonik approved of the prospective idea with excitement, requesting only a sketch of a plan before the purchasing of any materials.

Current junior, Aiden Powers, made a fantastic sketch last year as a prospective mural idea, which depicted all the different areas and subjects of the school represented as caricatures. The idea was respectful, and a stellar opportunity to represent every group and subgroup in the giant ecosystem that is LOLHS. As much as Aiden’s idea inspires the group, the mural is a collaborative effort, and all the students of the school are encouraged to participate in the creation of the mural.

Art Club meets on Thursdays, from 2:15-4 PM. Once a sketch is finalized to show to Mr. Wygonik, we can begin creating our collective mural. If you would like to contribute, or have any questions, come to art club, or email me; [email protected]