Wellness Day 2019: Review

Kind of


This year’s Wellness Day was widely well-received by the student body. Some say because we got a half-day of classes, others say because we get to have fun experiences, but it’s mainly the first option. I personally participated in How to train for the Circus!, The Wellness Mural, and Essential Oils for a Successful School Year and can only speak from my own experience. Here is a detailed account of my Wellness Day.

As we all know, Wellness Day really starts at lunch with the meat and seltzer samples. I was too scared to try the meat but I found the seltzer disappointing in both quality and quantity. I did, however, get a polar seltzer tee shirt; it was nice albeit scandalously thin so I gave it to the Editor In Chief at this publication in exchange for a ride back to my house.

After waiting through homeroom and re-learning how to open my locker, I headed out to join the circus (for a half-hour). Honestly, I enjoyed learning about the circus. Maybe I couldn’t do anything resembling a handstand or juggle or use a Diablo, or headstand, or flip, or do a split, but I still had a fine time trying. All in all, the circus was baller.

From there I moseyed on down to Ms. Corah’s room to work on the wellness mural. Though my expectations going in were low I found it rather fresh. A few hooligans and I made the banner, which was intended to read “LYME OLD LYME” but instead said, “LYME OLD $LYME” (just to flex on them). Eleanor Dushin made a portrait of Trevor Wells that looked exceptionally clean. The wellness mural activity definitely got four wellness units out of five.

Then I went to Essential Oils for a Successful School Year. 

Despite its flaws, this year’s Wellness Day treated me well. I had a lot of fun, not just because we were missing class. Maybe there could be some tweaks to the schedule, and I wish we had a keynote speaker, but Wellness Day was definitely a success. Honestly, I’m kind of excited for next year’s. 7/10.