LOLHS Spirit Week 2022


LOLHS just finished a very exciting Spirit Week!
The week began with Adam Sandler day, with an impressive Adidas sweatpants and neon oversized tee shirt turnout.
The Student Leaders Club also introduced a new feature of Spirit week that first day: Lunch competitions for SuperFan App points!
Monday’s competition was limbo. A limbo bar was brought to the front of the commons, and one by one the long line shrunk until one winner remained. But in a twist, there was a tie for the junior class!
Tuesday’s theme was a throwback to childhood Disney movie (and beloved trope) Bikers vs. Surfers. Students and teachers alike arrived at school in either leather from head to toe, or Hawaiian shirts and bucket hats to create this summer clash. At lunch, the road lovers and the beachgoers took part in trivia Kahoot where newcomer Konrad came out on top!
Wednesday was pink for breast cancer awareness. That lunch hosted the most popular event of spirit week, as reviewed by the Student Leaders in their October 6th meeting. That event is none other than spikeball.
Now, I’ve never played spikeball. Nevertheless, as Maddie Morgado very kindly explained the rules to me, I was very impressed by the level of skill that the pink-wearing players competed with!
The following day was class colors. From yellow (freshman) tutus, to red (sophomore) beaded necklaces; green (junior) baseball caps, and blue (senior) facepaint, Thursday was a very colorful turnout. The closing lunch event was a donut-eating contest! Although we had four winners between the two lunches, I think the fact that every participant got their own donut is a win in itself.
The final day of spirit week, Friday, was jersey day. New England football and baseball teams mixed with LOLHS sports jerseys. Since Friday was a half day, there was no lunch competition, but Student Leaders shifted their focus to their next event…
Homecoming was being hosted at 7:00 pm that night!
With just a few themes and competitions, LOLHS brought out dozens of costumes and smiles. Another successful spirit week and welcome to the new school year for the books!

*Recaps from first lunch only 🙂