History at Homecoming 2022


On Saturday, the Valley-Lyme Old Lyme football team won their fourth game of the season at the Lyme Old Lyme High School field during homecoming weekend. So far, the Warriors are undefeated; going 4-0 in the season. When asked about his feelings on the day and the game, Coach Cohen stated, “Well, first it was a perfect day for football. The weather was really nice, and all the facilities were kept very well, the crew did a nice job for us. However, going into the game I was already really nervous because we had lost the past two homecoming games on our field.” 

Despite his nerves the warriors won the game with an amazing 57-6, which sets the warriors up for many more homecoming wins in the future. 

According to the coach, his favorite play of the game was when Jake Rand (Lyme-Old Lyme Senior) ran 60 yards–a play they had run in practice. Despite any initial nerves the team may have been facing, once the game was underway the warriors were playing like a well-oiled machine. 

Although still early on, it is clear that the practice the Warriors have gone through is paying off.