Movie Review: Hush


Hush is a 2016 thriller/home invasion film directed by Mike Flanagan, who previously directed 2013’s Oculus. The film is centered around author Maddie Young who is trapped in her isolated cabin by a deadly stalker. Hush  is currently available for steaming on Netflix, but is it worth your time?

Hush differs from many other home invasion movies through the unique circumstances of the main character: She is deaf and mute. Hush uses this to great effect. The lack of noise during the scenes where most other films would have screams and large amounts of expletives really adds to the isolation and feeling of helplessness. It also allows for creative ways to have the viewer identify with the character and really care for her. I actually found myself rooting for Maddie to survive whenever she was in danger.

The film will also do things to mess with the viewer because Maddie has an interesting way of thinking and viewing situations. It allows for the film to always keep you on edge. It is not formulaic or predictable like other movies. You will often be surprised by the events that occur and how they happen. I never knew how the situations Maddie was in would be resolved and was trying to think outside the box like her to figure out what she could do to survive.

The film is on the shorter side which allows it to keep solid pacing. It does not spend unnecessary amounts of time setting up characters and their relationships. You get a strong connection with Maddie very quickly. She is likable and interesting without falling victim to typical horror film protagonist tropes.

The story is very simple. Maddie is trapped in her house and has to try to survive. It does not try to be anything more than a fun thriller, and Hush is all the more better for it.

What I also really enjoyed about the film was the stalker. He was really interesting, in a disturbing way. The mental games he plays with Maddie allow for her to show off her intelligence and skill.

Hush is a very simple, but very fun, thriller. It does not try to be overly complicated and is refreshingly original. The performances are great and help improve the film’s quality. If you are a fan of the genre then you should definitely view Hush. If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix  then I would recommend this film as well. Hush is definitely one of the better thrillers, and movies in general, Netflix has to offer, and is another solid effort by Mike Flanagan.

Rating: Hush is definitely worth a viewing.