LOLHS Visits Chinatown


On Friday, January 20, students studying Chinese with Mr. Wang took a trip to New York City’s Chinatown. They left Lyme-Old Lyme High School at 7:10 a.m., and many still-sleepy students took naps on the way or (of those who were already wide awake) watched Karate Kid

Chinese Lunar New Year was soon approaching, so the students experienced the hectic atmosphere of Chinatown almost instantly as people shopped for food and decorations to celebrate the new year. Between each destination, the studying linguists saw various stores selling Lunar New Year decorations and markets selling fresh vegetables—adding to the infectious, excitable air. 

Mr. Wang and his students started the trip at a Buddhist temple, where they observed a service in a room filled with red (a lucky color in China), gold, and a Buddha statue front and center. 

Next was a walk to a Chinatown trip tradition: taking a picture in front of the Confucius statue! The statue stood near the famous Chinese restaurant “Unicorn,” known for its dim sum (a large range of small Chinese dishes) and authentic Chinese food. The students, chaperones, and teachers enjoyed foods such as steamed dumplings, steamed buns, rice noodles, and even beef tripe! 

After lunch, the group headed to a bookstore, where the students looked at various Chinese literature and calligraphy supplies. The groups split off into their chaperone groups. Each group visited a different Bubble Tea store and bakery! At the end of the day, the groups reassembled and made their way back to Old Lyme via bus. 

It was a very productive day filled with lots of great memories! Everyone left New York with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and excitement for the Lunar New Year.