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Are They Still Using Scare Tactics?

Brennan Griffin, Editor

January 14, 2016

Health classes feature a diverse group of presenters who talk about important aspects of our lives that can be serious risks to our mental and physical health. The most common presentations we see are on drugs and alcohol, two major issues that are increasingly prevalent in teenagers. Either people who have suffered from addiction, who have known someone...

So, You’re a Critic?

Brennan Griffin, Review Editor

September 24, 2015

The very first article I wrote for OspreyOnline was a not very favorable review of Insurgent, the newest installment of the Divergent series. However, when I tell my friends what I primarily do here they often respond with the question: "So, you're a critic?" I often find an issue with this as would many other people who review media. I enjoy the film wo...

Who cares about Holden Caulfield?

Christian Sweeney, Founder and Contributor

September 3, 2015

“Raise your hand if you liked Holden.” I raise my hand halfway, because I sit in the front of the class, and I can’t see how many people agree with me, but then I check those behind me, and still I had it raised higher than anyone else. The consensus reached, the vitriol starts flowing. They hate his speech, they hate his hypocrisy. He was e...

Thoughts on DeflateGate

Thoughts on DeflateGate

June 12, 2015

When Roger Goodell, Commisioner of the National Football League, first announced that the New England Patriots were being investigated...

A Virtual Reality

A Virtual Reality

May 29, 2015

We live in a world where technology is omnipresent and an internet connection is a basic need, a way to connect to the communities...

The Osprey: An Origin Story

The Osprey: An Origin Story

April 30, 2015

After many fits and starts, The Osprey, formerly Nod, briefly Art Rat, has finally emerged, fully-formed, from incubation. A...

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